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Reneta Music


StrongFirst Elite, StrongFirst Barbell Instructor, StrongFirst Bodyweight Instructor, Functional Movement Certified, 6th degree black belt in Japanese karate, 5th degree black belt in Shurite Kempo, Life Protection System certified, Livestrong Instructor and Personal Trainer through NCSF



I look at human movement and fix asymmetries and dysfunctions in the body, before allowing you to load the movement. I focus on strength training for the average person to make life easier, for athletes to make you stronger in your sport and I train that person who is interested in competition. 


Personal Bio: 

Reneta Music, began her training in karate in 1991 and received her 1st degree black belt in April of 1994. She has gone on to achieve her 6th degree black belt in Japanese karate, her 5th degree black belt in Shurite Kempo . She is the Chief karate instructor at the Mansfield YMCA.  She holds a Master Instructor ranking in Shurite Kempo. She and her husband travel and teach Life Protection.

She is currently a Team Leader in an elite strength organization, StrongFirst. She holds a level II certification in FMS, Functional Movement System, where she trains proper mobility, flexibility and addresses and fixes dysfunctions in movement.


Contact: Email or 419-631-6344


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Ian Vencil


FiTour certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor with a focus on mobility and strength. 


I love to train beginners and intermediates to build Strength or work on Bodybuilding, regardless of what their age might be. I have 3 years of experience doing personal training and boot camps in Cornelia, GA and Fremont, OH working mostly with Seniors. I also have experience leading boot camps for all ages and I help coordinate fitness events and workouts as an RA at Piedmont College. I teach fitness attempting to lead by example. Having struggled with weight, injury, and motivation in the past, I endeavor to be patient with each individual's fitness journey and help people discover their own favorite fitness habits.


Personal Bio: 

“I was a chubby kid. When I started working out, I ran slow but for longer and longer times. Then I got into High School and started lifting weights and found out that I really liked being strong and helping other people find their strength.” His other experiences in fitness are 6 years in the USMC Reserve, co-coaching cross country and swim teams in GA, and taking Yoga and Cardio classes here at the YMCA while developing his own strength and muscle-building regimen.


Ian is married with two daughters, living in Shelby Ohio. He loves playing guitar at church, writing stories, and chasing his kids at the park. When he takes a rest day, he likes to do nothing very slowly, playing video games, watching movies, or going on walks at Malabar farms.


Contact: Email or 706-968-2394