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Start your New Year off right with our exciting and challenging weight loss program. Compete as a team and as an individual to lose weight and change your eating and exercising habits. 

Earn points for attending our fitness classes and completing habit challenges along the way. 

We want to work with you and HELP you become "THE REAL YOU".


Registration deadline: CLOSED

Look for Registration in the Fall of 2020

Kick-off ceremony: TBA

Participants will weigh in on Mondays every week of the program.

Members $40

Non-Members $70

*Non-Members receive access to the Shelby YMCA for the entirety of the 8 week program. 

Throughout this 8-week journey, you will be given a habit challenge each week, whether it be nutrition-based or exercise-based. Points are awarded for completing habit challenges, visiting the YMCA, and participating in YMCA fitness classes. Sign up as a team of up to four people.


Participants will receive rewards throughout the program and prizes will go to the winners at the end. There are two categories of winners: 1) Percentage of weight lost, and 2) Participation points.


From our experience, people are far more likely to complete health challenges and find the results they’re looking for when they make a monetary investment. So sign up today. Now is the time to kick old habits and get moving!