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Adult Fitness Classes 

Land & Pool Fitness classes are offered as a benefit of your membership! Guests may also participate in classes with the purchase of a Guest Pass

The Shelby YMCA also offers Personal Training.  

Boot Camp:

Get in shape “boot camp” style! Experience high-intensity, full-body workouts that target the major muscle groups of the upper & lower body, specifically designed to “make it rain” sweat! From circuit-style routines that jump-start cardio fitness, to creative muscle-toning exercises using dumbbells, exercise bands, or even the participant’s body weight, each class brings its own unique challenges. No two classes are the same! Students will work to improve cardiovascular stamina, core strength, & flexibility.

Group Run (Shelby Y Run Club):

The Shelby YMCA run club is FREE to the public - no membership required. Whether you are a seasoned runner, or just getting started - this is the group for you!  Group runs several times a week and other exercise events, all fitness levels are welcome.  Join the group on Facebook to see what we are doing next!  Click HERE

Indoor Cycling:

Jump on one of our Spin Bikes and pedal your way through this instructor led, high energy bicycle workout set to music. Class includes riding at different speeds and through various levels of resistance for a 40 to 60 minute cardio blast. This class is be a great, low-impact, alternative to running or other aerobic workouts.

Pilates Fusion:

Pilates Fusion is a Pilates based workout focusing on core strength, flexibility and total body conditioning fused with a perfect mix of cardio and body sculpting exercises designed to make you sweat!

Toning w/ Teresa:

One of our favorite Refit instructors spends a half hour after Refit to work on specific exercises designed to tone muscles.

Quigong/Tai Chi

Fluid, flowing movements with an emphasis on controlled breathing and alternating tension and relaxation shapes this gentle form of exercise that improves balance, increase strength, heightens coordination, and promotes harmony and stress relief.

Silver Sneakers Classic:

A fun exercise chair based class designed to increase strength, range of motion, balance, coordination, functional capabilities, physical fitness and sense of well-being. Classes are appropriate for individuals who are fit and active, as well as those who are sedentary, intimidated, entering a post rehabilitation program or unfamiliar with exercise.


This class combines several elements of fitness into one power-packed hour. While the focus is structured around Cardio Dance movements - toning, flexibility, strength, and stretching are also incorporated into the REFIT workout. Workouts are easy to follow that will challenge fitness enthusiasts and welcome beginners. Our vision is to create a fitness experience that changes people from the inside out, and this vision is accomplished by focusing on the heart as a muscle AND a soul. The BODY+MIND+SPIRIT emphasis is what creates a powerful, uplifting fitness experience that lasts well beyond the workout. REFIT® classes are one-size-fits-all. We believe in the power of diversity and multi-generational relationships within one shared fitness experience. Modifications are easy to implement to increase or decrease the workout intensity, and the follow-the-leader instruction style ensures that all participants feel successful in their workout experience.


 Our Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a fun, lighthearted workout or "work-in" designed to connect your breath with movement. Teens to seniors participate in our yoga community for the balance, strength, flexibility, and inner peace this practice cultivates. Class begins with seated breath work moving into connecting that breath to movement through traditional asanas (poses) such as sun salutations, warriors, triangle and more. Practice wraps up with the beautiful stillness and relaxation of savasana. Bring a mat, block and strap if you have one. Loaner blocks and mats are available first come, first serve.


This class alternates high intensity intervals with brief periods of recovery.  Typically a circuit training class with several stations - each station incorporating 30 to 60 or more seconds of "all out effort" followed 10-20 seconds of recovery before the next rep.


A complimentary program tailored to meet the specific needs of adult cancer survivors who would like to improve or reclaim their health and well-being before, during, and after treatment. BY focusing on the whole person and not the disease, LiveSTRONG at the YMCA helps participants move beyond the cancer in spirit, mind, and body.  Our fall Session starts September 10th. Please register by September 3rd, 2018.

In the Pool:

AquaDance Silver:

This is a water dance program that will begin with stretches, cardio, foot-work with a cool-down stretch.  Our first session will begin with Latin music and rhythms.  Future sessions will consist of other types of music, such as, oldies, country, jazz, etc.  Requests for music are accepted.  This class is low-impact but will raise your heartbeat and tone and target your mid-section, hips, thighs and arms.  Speed of movement in the pool will be modified for the natural resistance provided by the water and of your movements.  Instructor will teach from the deck for better visual instruction.

Deep Water Aerobics:

This water exercise class uses flotation belts designed for both swimmers and non-swimmers to improve strength and cardiovascular fitness giving a whole-body workout.  The flotation belt allows muscles and joints to move freely and comfortably in the water.  The water provides resistance and makes muscles work harder without the pounding, straining or jarring.


Using the support and resistance of the water, this class helps to improve the cardiovascular system, oxygen and blood circulation and flexibility and muscle tone.


Aquajogging involves wearing a flotation device around your middle and then moving your arms and legs in a running motion in the deep end of the pool. Your feet should not touch the floor of the pool and you should make slow forward progress. It is probably the most common form of cross training among elite athletes.


This aquatic class is beneficial to individuals who struggle with the daily aches and pains of arthritis.  Exercises help range of motion, keep joints flexible, and maintain or rebuild muscle strength.

Weight Loss Challenge:

Our weight loss challenge is an opportunity to change your life through fitness. Non-members will gain access to our YMCA for the entirety of the program to attend our fitness classes and gain points for the program. You will have the opportunity to change your life and win cash prizes.  The deadline to register is January 4th, 2019.  Click HERE for more information.

Personal Training:

Don't know what to do or where to start?, Our certified personal trainers are waiting to develop a specific training regimen for you and your needs. With our help you can accomplish all of your fitness goals.

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Click HERE for more information about personal training.